SEKINCHAN Restaurant - Hao Xiang Chi Seafood



Hao Xiang Chi Seafood Sdn Bhd is the first Hao Xiang Chi's restaurant that build on year 2013 located at Sekinchan. Renovated in year 2016 to offer customers an elegant, relax and glamour location for dining.

The exclusive restaurant offering the Local Teochew flavor, focusing on seasonings, it's very particular on taste as salt, sweet, sour and spicy.

As an innovative and continuously improve restaurant, we always strive to best serve our customer and using the freshest ingredients for food preparation. Further, we are emphasizing in delivering happiness and committed in providing perfect service in wedding banquet management, corporate gathering, and other special occasions.


Private Rooms - 4
Karaoke Rooms - 2
Signature Dish - Buddha Jumps Over the Wall

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